Koomal Dreaming CD

Koomal Dreaming CD

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Beautiful music performed by Josh Whiteland.

“Koomal” is the traditional name of Wadandi man Josh Whiteland, who is a talented musician and dancer, performing didgeridoo, percussion and traditional song and dance.  He also enjoys playing guitar and sharing stories.  Josh travels around Australia and the world performing traditional and contemporary music.

Koomal is the Wadandi word for brushtail possum and the totem chosen for him by his Wadandi Elders.  Josh was born in Busselton, WA and grew up surrounded by family, culture and a deep understanding of connection to country.

Passionate, learned and spiritually aware, Josh has a personal commitment to sharing his knowledge of his culture and lore with visitors.  It is for this reason he created ‘Koomal Dreaming’ so that he could communicate at least part of his connection with his land and his people with guests from around Australia and the world.