EcoShack Home Fragrances

EcoShack Home Fragrances

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EcoShack Home fragrances are a delightful addition to your home.

These hand crafted blends of a quality essential oils are a base of Bridgetown rainwater for a refreshing spritz to your space.

Lemon Myrtle Eucalyptus is a strong blend of heavenly lemon myrtle and lemon eucalypt essential oils for a great bathroom spray that also acts as a natural disinfectant to conquer challenging odours!

Citrus Sparkle combines orange, grapefruit and ginger with florals of jasmine for a refreshing and uplifting room spray.

Fresh Linen fabric mist is a great way to keep your curtains, clothes and soft furnishings refreshed! Floral tones of gardenia, freesia and Lily of the valley blend with rose geranium and lemon Myrtle for a pretty, feminine fragrance.

Make your home smell special…naturally!